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Ayurvedic (Medicinal) Significance of Vetiver
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Vetiver Products:
For the first time in India, more than 50 vetiver products and fancy items have bean brought to market for the protection of human body right from head to foot, including internal organs. Some of the important one among them are vetiver oil, soap, bath brush, chappal, shoe in sole, hand fan, bed, yoga and meditation mat, prayer mat, caps and umbrella caps , helmet insider, cushion, pillows, pannels, herbal riding car etc.

1. Vetiver root: Enhances blood circulation, purification, cooling etc. (a) cooling and refreshment by drinking water soaked with roots.(b) thirst quenching, good digestion and freedom from gas troubles (c) cooling to head and healthy hairs, if the oil boiled with root is used on the hair (d) body cooling fragrance and good sleep by taking bath in water boiled with root.

2. Vetiver oil: used as perfume and Ayurvedic medicine etc.,

3. Pocket scrubber & soap : Easy to use throw away, adequate for a few days or week suitable for holidaying, honeymoon trips and useful for ayurvedic resorts.

4. Scrubbers (Bath brush): for a clean refreshing fragrant bath, avoids sweat odour, improves blood circulation, complexion and cooling.

5. Chappels: reduces pain, numbness, skin cracking, fatigue.

6. Shoe in sole: Remove bad smell, discomfort fatigue.

7. Hand fan : provides body cooling, comfort and refreshing fragrance.

8. Bed: helps in blood purification, refreshing and freedom from back pain.

9. Yoga & meditation mat: helps soothing prayers, meditation and yoga.

10. Niskara mat: good for refreshing prayer and comfort.

11. Summer caps: (British cap, Cricket cap, Muslim cap): Enable easy air circulation over the head, refreshing, cooling, healthy hair growth and protects from hot sun.

12. Umbrella cap: Protects body from hot sun and gives refreshing comfort and more energy for field workers and tourists.

13. Window curtain: protects from hot sun and provides cool and fragrance air and calm sleep.

14. Seat mat: Enables comfortable sitting during long journeys without back pain and body fatigue, very useful for car and computer users.

15. Herbal pillow: made of more than ten Ayurvedic herbals, provides freedom from severe head ache, migraine, hair fall.

16. Children's foot mat : good for hard working students learning continuously for long hours especially in night, enables refreshing studies and prevents sleepy mood and body fatigue.

17. Dried herbal pannels: Inner walls of rooms when panneled with vetiver roots, cool, fragrant air flow occurs refreshing our mind and body throughout the day. Protects from hot sun, chilling frost.

18. Herbal Riding car : introducing shortly. useful for a fragrant refreshing ride with relaxing exercise suitable for those suffering from life style diseases.

Other Products

a. Pterocarpus marsupium pan : It is a pan carved out of Pterocarpus marsupium pan used for preserving drinking water which alleviates diabetes, obesity and mensus disorders in women.

b. Paddy flower heads: Flower heads have ben used from time immemorial for the well-being and prosperity of families, business concerns and localities.